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The Void is a Holy Child

A Channeled Message from the Tulip Poplar Tree

Received by Amanda Nicole

South Carolina || 3.20.2023

For Rhiannon & the Weaving Wisdom Gardendo not fear the Void

it is only a passage

Light cradles it

Light holds it

the Void is held in Light

surrounded by it

halo-ed by it


the Void is holy

a Holy Child

an incarnation

a place where incarnation occurs

you incarnate there


in that place

you are reborn


become Nothing

so you may become




in the Void

you are remade

enjoy it

play in it

swim in it

feel the room, the space

for possibility

for expansion

for something Completely New

appreciate a place

for nothing more (and nothing less)

than Starting Over

Beginning Again

isn’t that a gift?

isn’t it a gift to be given a place

where you can be held

hidden, tucked away

while every inch of you unravels?

isn’t it a gift to be given a place

where you can be held by the Light

as you are Made New?

the Void is a Holy Child

a halo-ed child

crowned by Light

see you

see yourself

in it:

also a Holy Child

also halo-ed

hallowed --

an intended / prophesied

embodiment of Divinity


again and again

into this world

enter the Void

come undone

and Emerge Anew


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