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This is the story of my pain, my path, my healing, and my medicine.  And I offer it to you.
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Flowers for a Girl

"Flowers for a Girl is at once a very personal tale of trauma and transformation and a transmission unto itself. I truly think this is the new wave of herbal writing and knowledge.  Amanda's realness, acuity, and the beauty and forgiveness embedded within her writing
is more than moving-- it is transformational
I see this book at a treasured tome of medicine for many, many women." 

Asia Suler
Creator, Concotress, and Herbalist at

"As a clinical herbalist who works with many clients who have experienced sexual trauma, I have found this book indispensable to my practice.
Amanda clearly knows her plants and has a special relationship with them and this shines through in her writing. I highly recommend this book to anyone who works with clients who are dealing with trauma and are looking for gentle healing remedies.

A. M. Litecky

"Inspiring. Beautifully written. Bold. Courageous. Poetic. Timeless.
This book is truly a gift of healing to every woman who has experienced this type of trauma and a gift of insight to all who have a heart to help women through such a journey as this. Amanda's eloquent words and complete transparency about her own experience offer the reader her hand in friendship and solidarity as she invites you to walk her journey with her page by page."

A. Elizabeth

"An honest and beautiful piece of writing."

I. Brown


More Words of Gratitude

If you have come through sexual trauma as a warrior/ess
If you are still processing sexual trauma
If you have loved ones with sexual trauma
If you are a Plant Person
If you are a bodyworker
If you are a healer of any sort

Read this.

Amazon Review

Beautifully written.

A lovely introduction to the power of herbs and how they can heal us
when we open ourselves to unconventional avenues.

Sheila R.

"This is a profound, honest, beautiful book. 
Amanda is brave enough to write about trauma and healing
and make of her own pain and growth powerful word medicine from which so many of us can benefit."

H. Horner

"I am so grateful this book exists.
It is a wonderfully written memoir of a woman's healing journey
and her use of plants to facilitate deep and lasting transformation"

Amazon Review

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