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I am an angel, a dragon, a human, a tree.

Amanda Nicole is a Liriodendress, an Interspecies Hybrid,
a human embodiment, a divine expression
of the Tulip Poplar tree, the tree of her heart.


Existing in the place of Incarnation, Amanda Nicole is not only the Creator

but the Creation, and she asks the question:

What does it mean to write and sing, create and speak, believing:

I AM the Tree and the Tree is Me?

Amanda's desire continually leads her beyond the point of intersection 
to the place where disparate parts merge.  Attuning to the divine voice in nature,
Amanda dialogues with trees, flowers, and other non-human beings. Her conversation and communion with the non-human world can be experienced through her podcast, Whispers: Plant Spirit Medicine and The Liriodendress on Substack. 

A mystic and mother of six children, Amanda is a teacher and contributing voice at the

Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism.  She writes, speaks, and sings
in collaboration with the Tulip Poplar tree.

You are invited to contact Amanda for inquiries regarding collaborating, speaking, writing, and experiencing the mundane magic of plant communication and the world of the Tulip Poplar tree.
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