It's so lovely to have you here.

I'm so glad we've connected.

Perhaps we’ve come together in this place because our hearts share a similar longing –

to know the World in all its unfathomable Beauty and Mystery. 

To see, hear, and experience the breathtaking fullness of the Creation. 

To connect with Spirit and each trembling leaf and unfolding flower, every meandering stream and smooth river rock.

Perhaps, like me, you always hoped the World was magical and fairy tales were true. 

Well, my friend, you—we—have not hoped in vain.

The World is a marvelous, enchanting mystery.

And the World is changing. 
The Veil is thinning. 
We are rousing from our long winter’s nap.

From our thousand years’ sleep. 
From the spell that bewitched us.

We are beginning to see and to listen.

Rubbing our long-closed eyes, we blink sleepily and wake up to the abundant Wonder that surrounds us, holds us, and longs to know us.

With bare feet, we once again walk the Earth and press our hands into black, damp dirt.  Closing our eyes, we place our ears to the ground, listening for the murmuring of the roots.

And the Earth is so glad to have it so. 

The Earth has missed us. 
The Earth has missed you.


For such a long time, the World has groaned under us and our rough, selfish hands.  It has longed for conversation and to be in right relationship with us. 


Though crushed under our heavy hands, the loving Creation has whispered prayers for us, asking that we might re-member and re-turn to our Selves.


Every blade of grass, butterfly wing, and winding rhizome is for you. 


Weeping willows and towering oaks long to talk with you.  River rocks and water ripples yearn to know you. 


Together, may we remember and listen, connect to Spirit and commune with Creation.

Alchemilla is an open meadow

where you are invited to sit among the wildflowers, turn your face to the Sun, breathe deeply, and connect to your Self, Spirit, and every green thing.  Here, may your heart talk with pebbles and your spirit learn the song of the trees.


In this place, may you experience listening, learning, belonging, and home.  Embodying the vitality that is all around you, may you  find, gather, and become medicine. 


You are seen and loved by the Divine, friend, however broken you may be. 


So, bring in the Medicine and let it FLOW


Holding space for you to connect with the Land and experience Spirit by way of the Green, I offer in-person classes, workshops, consultations, and retreats. I hold space for you as you find your Medicine, connect with the Land, and experience Spirit. 




I began my life in the hollers and hills of Southern Appalachia. A Tennessee girl covered in clay. 


My upbringing was a Christian one with Bible-thumping and Gospel-singing.  Stories were my bread and butter, and when the time came, I left friends and family to read and write, receiving a B.A. in English Literature.  Before I knew who I was, I married and began having children—and became a preacher’s wife, something I always said I wouldn’t do. 

But sometimes, the Path chooses us.  In the midst of serving and care-taking, I lost myself, and so,
in time, lost my health.  My body began to bleed, and seven, sweet little ones slipped from my womb and nestled into my heart. 


In the pain of grief and maze of healing, I found the plants – or rather the plants found me. 

And I began to re-member. 

While attending births and supporting women, I became weary with the blood and the dance that comes so close to the Veil, and my heart longed for rest and healing.  Again, the plants came and led me to a green yurt tucked away in the Blue Ridge, Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine. 

There, I met my tribe, found my voice, and discovered my path. 

Since then, the plants have begun to talk and the Land has begun to sing, the Earth whispers and the rivers share secrets.  My hands are so full of good gifts.  I can barely hold them all – so I offer them to you, friend. 

Here, have this Medicine.

Curious to know a little more about me?  Here's an interview where I open my heart and spill my guts. 
Oh, dear!
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