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I am an angel, a dragon, a human, a tree.

I am here to experience the breathtaking fullness of Creation
and to embody my portion of the Divine Essence.

I am here to be Fully Human and Fully Divine ~
right here, right now.


the world is changing 
the veil is thinning
and we are awakening
the spell that bewitched us

we are beginning
to see
to listen

we are opening our eyes
to the wonder that is around us

that is us

with bare feet
we once again walk the Earth
press our hands into the black, damp dirt
close our eyes
place our ears to the ground
and listen

the roots are murmuring


the Earth has missed us

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the Creation whispers prayers for us to remember, to return

every blade of grass, butterfly wing, and winding rhizome is for you 


A close up of a tulip poplar spring flower a member of the Magnoliaceae Species..jpg

you are seen and loved by the Divine 
an eternal song is sung over you ~
through you

come. let's sit together
and listen




i began my life in the hollers and hills of southern appalachia ~ a tennessee girl covered in clay. 


my upbringing was a christian one with bible-thumping and gospel-singing. stories were my bread and butter, and when the time came, i left friends and family to read and write, receiving a degree in english literature.

before i knew who i was, i married, became a preacher's wife, and began having children.

in the midst of serving and caretaking,
i lost myself, and so, in time, lost my health.  my body began to bleed, and seven, sweet
little ones slipped from my womb and nestled into my heart. 


in the pain of grief and maze of healing, i found the plants ~ or rather the plants found me. 

and I began to re-member. 

while attending births and supporting women, i became weary with the blood and the dance that comes so close to the veil. my heart longed for rest and healing. 

the call of the plants led me to a green yurt tucked away in the blue ridge mountains:
green comfort school of herbal medicine. 

there, a door opened to a whole new world ~ one that felt like home.

now, the plants speak. the land sings. the earth whispers
and the rivers share secrets. dragons are real and angels sing nearby.

and in the midst of the magic,
i found my voice. 


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