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A Channeled Message from Tulip Poplar

Received by Amanda Nicole

4.18.2023 || South Carolina the gold you are seeking is inside you

look there

the wealth you crave

the wealth you desire

it is inside you:

look there

as beautiful as it may be

the gold you mine, stack, lock away in vaults

is nothing

compared to your heart

your Golden Hearts:

that’s where the treasure is

it’s curious:

you lock away gold

just like you lock away your hearts

maybe if gold was free

your hearts would be free too

i think there’s a connection there,

don’t you?

treasures were never meant to be hidden and hoarded

what good is sparkle and shine

if no one can see it?

dragon knowledge:

let go of the greed

don’t spend your life guarding treasure

spend your life being treasure

we promise:

there is enough

there is always enough

there is always more than enough

it all comes from the Source

from the Center

where your treasure is,

there will your heart be also

if your treasure is locked away, held tight

your heart will be as well

is your treasure fully given

making its way from your hand, from your heart

to theirs?

the only gold that matters is You:

your Light

your Heart

so now you know, now you see:

this most intimate part of you

this most intimate part of me:

can i trust you with it?

here have a look

have a key

yes, we can see why you feel safer valuing

a shiny slab, a glistening stone, a mined mineral

rather than your precious Golden Hearts

another perspective:

there is a gold that transcends

reach higher

to see the gold: look up

there is gold no one ever sees

it is just out of reach

just out of sight

but all it takes is You:

lifting your head,

lifting your gaze

and then,

opening your hands

the treasure is not of this earth:

look up


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