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Winds of Change

A Channeled Message from the Tulip Poplar Tree

Received by Amanda Nicole

South Carolina || 4.7.23 || Easter Sunday do you feel them? --

the Winds of Change?

they are blowing

it’s becoming easier and easier

to drop a bloom

the wind makes it easy

shakes them up every time

change does that

yes, i’m opening

a little early this year

i felt the world needed me --

felt you needed me

we could all use a little more Light:

a little more gold

a little more sweet

a little more magic

the Fire is burning

(thank you for tending it)

let it course through you

let your blood blaze with Holy Passion

if the Children of Light ever did anything:

they burned --

and brightly

set the world ablaze, amanda

set it ablaze before it burns itself to the ground

Light it up

remember: you are a dragon

yes, you sing

(we all do)

but you also breathe:


worlds are made with dragon’s breath

remember: let there be Light, and there was Light

dragon blaze

dragon breath

dragon tongue

created so as by Fire

remember: We love You --

All of You

call it down

call down the Holy Fire

it’s been too long since

the world had a pentecost

see it

hear it

feel it:

the Winds of Change

it can blow an ember into a blaze

We love You

remember: We love All of You

forever and ever


world without end

blessed be

until we meet again

and all that

We love You,

Tulip Poplar


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