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Get Bigger

A Channeled Message from the Tulip Poplar Tree

Received by Amanda Nicole

South Carolina || 3.24.2023 get bigger, amanda

get bigger expand, expand, expand! expand until your fingertips tap the edges of the Universe and then . . . GET BIGGER you are uncontainable uncontained

you are unstoppable the expansion is inevitable every moment: you pulse and get bigger maybe this world can’t contain you maybe it wasn’t meant to no worries: there are Other Worlds fill those and then fill those and then fill those your soul is limitless why is anyone (especially you) even trying to contain it? you are afraid you will fall apart you will shatter if you get bigger amanda all that will break is the box and you didn’t want that anyway you, my dear, aren’t going anywhere there will only and always and ever be more and more and more You how delightful is that? We are certainly excited by that idea! look at You: You are wonderful absolutely wonderful exquisite get bigger let us see more of You let us hear more of You let us experience more of You take us higher get wider We’re here We’ll expand right along with You how exciting! let’s do it! let’s get bigger let’s fill every inch of this Universe -- and then . . . the Next One. ready? GO!


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