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Peace Fire

tulip poplar called to me

i could feel her leading me along the path

turn this way

now this way

and then i saw her

towering above the other trees

naked but recognizable

her trunk straight and tall

round and solid

a hundred thousand flower dragon seeds

flower dagger seeds

with their faces towards the sky

i greeted her

and she motioned for me to sit

on a fallen, mossy log she had prepared for me

when i began to write

my pen failed me

filled with ink ( i could see it )

it would not write

and i felt tulip poplar prompting me

to speak, to record

this message was meant to come through

in a different way

she wanted to speak of peace

and she wanted her message to be heard:

peace comes softly

like morning

like dove feathers

mourning doves, mind you

you do not fight for peace

you create it

dream it

imagine it

peace is meant to be ridden

like the breeze

like a feather on the breeze

peace is meant to carry you

peace is meant to permeate



peace is already here

it is all around you

be still

can you feel it?

can you feel peace?

can you feel peaceful?

can you be peace full?

let yourself be full of peace


starting at your toes

moving slowly to your ankles

up throughout your body

white downy feathers of peace

feel the space between your hips

your abdomen

your heart

soft and light as a feather

your throat

this is peace

peace is a feather

peace is a fallen feather

peace is a sunlit, gently breeze-kissed


fallen feather


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