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Patience in Becoming

Becoming & The Patience of Tulip Poplar My Words + Channelled Message 1.15.2023 Tulip Poplar is a patient tree. She doesn’t mind to wait. ( It is often in the waiting that the answers come -- or the questions fade. ) With her, you may sit as long as you like, Feeling Asking Listening Hoping Grieving Being. She has all the time in the world (and then some). My time with her (nearly ten years now) has taught me to slow down, hurry less, worry less. I am Human: finite with a tendency to fretting. Tulip Poplar doesn’t mind. She understands, makes space for my limitations even as she lifts them.

Somehow, Tulip Poplar has taught me to make space for the Not Knowing and the Simply Being. It is what it is, this is what a friend often says, And it will be what it will be, Tulip Poplar adds, and in the In Between, I can (and will) sit with Tulip Poplar, trusting that she knows (even if I don’t), sees (even if I do not), and I can trust her. And so, as I learn to be like her, to embody her medicine of Patient Waiting and Simply Being, She sits with me. Here are the words she offered me today when I asked her about Patience: In the patience In the waiting It all unfolds The flower opens revealing its center offering itself To rush you is to ruin you Think of it: Think of the flower that is forced to open, hurried in its becoming: it is destroyed There is only sadness in the end The petals are torn and bruised: Lost Dreams, falling to the ground Potential and Possibility, dropping from your hands There is a time for every season (Yes, We know the Book of Ecclesiastes, or more accurately: Solomon knew Us. He was aware of our essence.) In the waiting: Can you trust? Can you surrender? Can you believe Us when we tell you: You are always seen You are always known You are never forgotten? Lately, you have been thinking about Discovery* You want to be Discovered That is: Seen, Known And yes, there is some truth to the statement: You have discovered Us. But, Amanda . . . We have discovered You. [ Tulip Poplar says this so lovingly.] Do you see it now? We saw you before you ever saw yourself. In the waiting, We sit with you We reflect We hold you, protect you, tend you as you open as you become as you discover yourself. How can anyone else truly see Who You Are if you cannot see yourself? They can only see as far as you do -- as far as you let them Yes, I know: There are some special humans who have Holly Eyes, Poplar Eyes, but at this time, there are so few There will be more Until then: We see We know We are perfectly happy to sit with you in Your Becoming It is why we are here All Our Love, Tulip Poplar


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