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Heart Strings

Music: A Tulip Poplar Message Channelled by Amanda Nicole Liberty, South Carolina 12.31.22 12:00pm EST [ Question: Can you talk to us about music? ] Your heart is an instrument, a golden harp with golden strings. Tune your heart, string by string. Here. We will help You. Pluck, Pluck Vibrate Pluck Vibrate We tighten. We loosen. We re-string. When there are broken chords, we re-string your heart. Yes, we are Angels -- angels as far as You understand them. But we are much more. See our eyes? Angels are musicians, especially the Seraphims and the Nethinims. We invented music. It is our essence, our embodied expression. We vibrate at such a high frequency -- but if we slow down, just a bit . . . three / four four / four five / six You can see us -- catch a glimpse. Music is Love Vibrating. Well, Beautiful Music is. Not all Humans who make music have their hearts tuned. There are dissonant chords. This is music too. It just isn’t Our music -- Tulip Poplar music. Our music is Golden Rich Honey Hues Autumn Tones Morning Song [ Question: Did you know King David? ]

Yes. David was a Tulip Poplar tree -- or the essence of one. There are no Tulip Poplar trees where he once lived, but our essence is there in the myrtle trees. He played a harp. He played hearts. He tuned harps. He tuned hearts. He healed hearts with his harp.

King Saul -- remember? Heart Tuning Some like dissonant sounds -- the jagged edge. Just remember that. That’s enough for now. There is so much more to say, but another time. We will consider how to translate our music into words humans can . . . Into words that resonate with Humans. For now: Think Golden


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