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Drop a Bloom

we sat under the tulip poplar tree listening sharing its medicine and he said he’d never liked it never liked this tree

my breath caught in my chest and my eyes widened at such a confession springing up everywhere he said dropping its old brown blooms he said the poor man he’d never seen her light-filled cup never inhaled her tender sweetness my heart exhaled a little maybe he should get to know it he said maybe there was more to this tree than he knew maybe so _____________ her flowers often sit high light cups turned to the sky sun-sacred vessels of the divine but out of sight so out of mind to glimpse a low cup is a gift _____________ you must know not everyone can see you not everyone wants to not everyone can i’m sorry to say not everyone will inhale deeply and take you in not everyone but those that do those who catch a glimpse of the light that is you will find themselves captivated converts to an existence a world they never knew _____________ when you think of it drop a bloom


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