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Armor for Open Hearts

A Tulip Poplar Message 1.24.2023 Being human is not for the faint of heart. So know this: If you are here, you are a brave soul, a courageous being. To put on flesh and make earth your home is to enter a world where your heart is broken again and again. Daggers wait at every turn. And often, the breaking is done and the daggers are held by humans who are closest to you. Is it any wonder we build walls and hide our hearts? Afraid to open, we close doors and hide in the dark. Afraid to be vulnerable, we retreat to the deep and bury our softest parts. Alone in the dark, our Light hidden not only from the eyes of others but our own, we are in need of a Remembering. Tulip Poplar adds: Remember who you are and where you came from. Come closer, Human. I am good. I am safe. You need not only a Remembering but also Armor. Warriors of Light are in need of armor. Many of you left wearing half-finished star suits. This world is not like other worlds. Open Hearts are often not received here, but feared. Everyone is afraid of dragons. But Open Hearts is what this world most needs. So: Hearts open! Ready! Forward! [ Tulip Poplar’s voice softens. ] I love you. I felt your fear. You are not alone Here. I give you my armor. Slip it on. Slip it off. Move through the harrowing fray with Tulip Poplar as your shield.

Keep your heart open, soft, vulnerable, and kind -- ready to give and receive at a moment’s notice, and keep it covered until it is time to reveal it. Then, slip me off and shine. Slip me off and be sweet. You are intoxicating. Your beauty is distracting. Your heart softens Everything. It melts it All. I see you. I see you riding a horse across a battlefield. Your back is tall and straight. You are brave. You move with peace and ease through the battle. Pausing from time to time, you drop your shield to shine your light and offer your softness. Weary warriors find rest. Always. There will be those, perhaps even one, with whom you can lay aside all your armor, with whom you can be your Softest Soft. They are flesh of your flesh. With them, you will remember who you are and where you came from. You will return to Love. Until then, suit up.


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