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A Golden Glimpse

Long before autumn leaves begin to turn, Tulip Poplar leaves turn gold.

It is what she does: offers you a glimpse of her treasure. One day, in the vibrant green of spring or verdant climax of summer, a few of her leaves will shimmer, golden in the sun, and you’ll find yourself noticing her, taking a second look.

If you look long enough, you may find yourself staring into an ancient mirror, one that shows you the truth of who you are. Don’t let this scare you. Be not afraid, as the angels say. What the mirror reveals is always golden.

Once, an angel stood by a Tulip Poplar tree, or perhaps more accurately: towered above it. A blue orb danced in a clear blue sky as Tulip Poplar’s spring green leaves wore a crown of sapphire blue. Laughing with all my heart, I delighted in this midday glimpse behind the veil and taste of All Things Made New.

Not long after, I felt them. My wings. Soiled and tattered, afraid to believe, I tucked them away — or tried to.

She looked at me. Your face is glowing, she said.

Adjusting the halo askew on my head,

Your gold is showing, Tulip Poplar whispered.

I looked in the mirror.

It was as they said.


Listen to a simple recording of “Green Holly Leaves” a song about angels and trees written and sung by Amanda Nicole:


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