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Tulip Poplar Channeled Message 2023 South Carolina Botanical Gardens Thursday 12.29.22 2:30pm EST Between Two Tulip Poplar Trees ________________________________ This is the Year of Light. The Dark will fall. Hold onto your hats. Here, take this: a poplar leaf, a poplar cup. It will carry you, an ark of sorts during these turbulent times. It will carry you. You are being carried to the Other Side. Look? Do you see it? You can just make out the shoreline. No need to row. Rest. We will carry you. We’ve got you.

We know the way. The storms are no match for us. With Tulip Poplar, there is always the Light of the Sun -- even when it rains. Sunshowers. Enjoy the sunshowers. There is no Night here. There is no Night. Do you trust us? We will carry you. We have carried humans (and other beings) many, many, many times. [ Tulip Poplar yawns. ] Excuse me. So sorry. We’ve been quiet, standing still for such a long time. We’re waking up, and the World is waking up with us. Good morning.

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