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Amanda Nicole
South Carolina Wedding Officiant  

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Love is precious.  Love is divine.  When hearts connect and souls merge, it's a beautiful thing, and all of Creation smiles and sings.

May your ceremony be as beautiful, divine, and unique as the love between you.  Regardless of how many guests or witnesses may attend 

or whether the anticipated event is short and sweet or
elegant and grand, its spirit and essence can radiate Love. 
Its spirit and essence can be a true expression of You.

Which ceremony is You?

Wedding Van
Let's Elope!


*  Prepared Script
*  Two witnesses
*  Your Home

Grooms Bow Tie and Corsage
You, Me, and a Few Friends


*  One  phone consultation
*  One face-to-face meeting
*  Prepared Script
*  Ten Guests Maximum
*  Scenic Outdoor Location

Wedding Accessories
Bells & Whistles


*  Personalized Script
*  One phone consultation
*  One face-to-face meeting
*  Rehearsal
*  Your Chosen Location


Ready to take the next step? Send a note to Amanda.

heart needs no convincing.png
ear over your heart.jpg
i thought one life.jpg

step out of the box ~ dance along the edges
in natural settings & earth-based ceremonies 
with unconventional songs, words, and places 
~ ~ ~
something a little different
 completely different
keep it simple
in keeping with tradition
anything you can dream
and everything in between

just be You!

Amanda is a licensed wedding officiant serving the Upstate of  South Carolina, including Greenville and the surrounding area. She will perform ceremonies regardless of race, creed, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation. 

Love is Love -- and the World needs more of it.


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