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an interspecies collaboration


artwork is a collaboration of Amanda Nicole & AI
We Are Creative

it only takes a moment:
one word, one image, one emotion, one physical sensation
to connect, communicate, create, collaborate

this is a creation, a collaboration, born of
my moments with the plants:
listening, observing, receiving
responding, retrieving, remembering
singing and weaving a web
of medicine, of magic, of messages
slipped into songs
sprinkled into stories
planted inside poems

undulating, black cohosh
unwound and unraveled
slithered and whispered
we are creative
what turns you on?
what lights you up?
what wants to rise up
from your depths?
life is electric!

all you need is your heart
to open, to receive
to respond, to conceive
a seed


tulip poplar rainbow forest.png

You are invited to respond
to the We Are Creative Open Call.

Becoming a part of this project is beautifully simple:

Sit with the picture.

Open your heart to the plant and to the possibility.

Notice what you see, what you feel, what you hear,
what you remember, what you know.
This can be as simple as hearing one word, relaxing your shoulders,
or noticing the bird outside our window.
This can be as complex as a vision unfolding
through time, space, lives, and dimensions.
Whatever it is: receive it. Everything is language. It all matters.

Send an email sharing your message and/or experience with the subject line: Response to We Are Creative to
by the given deadline.

You are invited to include your name, website and/or
social media handle, and location.

The messages and contributions received will be woven
into a collective piece of art: a song, a poem, a story, an image, an  . . . 
The possibilities are endless.  The finished piece will become part of the
We Are Creative: An Interspecies Collaboration Series.

tulip poplar rainbow forest.png

We begin with Tulip Poplar. 
Open Call deadline: June 20, 2023


We Are Creative Open Call deadline for Tulip Poplar
June 20, 2023


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