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I AM the Tree & the Tree is Me

Journey into the heart of the Tulip Poplar tree
with Amanda Nicole as your guide.
Immerse yourself in the essence of the tree.
Receive the transmission.
Enter the lineage.

The Tulip Poplar is a Tree for Our Times.
It is an Ancient Tree, a World Tree,

a Tree of Origins.

Amanda Nicole is a Liriodendress,

the human embodiment of the Tulip Poplar tree.
Its daughter, she stewards Tulip Poplar's medicine and stories.

With blue heron by her side, Amanda Nicole stands in Tulip Poplar’s light-filled lineage and invites you
to enter the heart of the tree.

The Tulip Poplar Apprenticeship is a 6-month immersion inside the Heart of the Tulip Poplar tree.
It is a loving transmission of Tree Medicine.

During the Apprenticeship, the essence of the

Tulip Poplar tree is revealed through

plant communication practices, stories, song, medicine making, and heart-centered instruction.

Tulip Poplar is your teacher and Amanda Nicole is your guide as you become intimately acquainted with the heart of a tree.

Monthly classes are experienced virtually,

last approximately 2 hours, and are held

the first Sunday of each month. During classes, Amanda Nicole shares her intimate knowledge

of the Tulip Poplar tree and creates space for Tulip Poplar to speak.

Weekly discussions are held each Thursday evening and last approximately one hour.

These gatherings support discussion, connection, and shared listening.


We begin Sunday, September 8th, 2024

Experience the Heart of the

Tulip Poplar Tree through its:

Animal Allies
Multidimensional Cosmology
Cosmic Heart Medicine

Oracular Vision
Role in Human Incarnation
Creative Spark & Expansive Imagination
Connection to the Earth
Magical Origins
Story Medicine
& more . . .


The Tulip Poplar Apprenticeship is offered in the
spirit of reciprocity.  

You are invited to choose the exchange that creates room for you to experience the
Heart of the Tulip Poplar tree.

I AM the Tree & the Tree is Me

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