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a 6-week Creative Collaboration with the Tulip Poplar Tree

The Tulip Poplar is a Story Tree.


Years ago, Tulip Poplar whispered to me, Tell our stories,
so I leaned in to listen as the trees told its tales.
Through listening, I learned the stories of the Tulip Poplar tree
belonged not only to the trees but also to me.
The stories were ours. 

I am the Tree and the Tree is Me

The story-medicine of the Tulip Poplar tree is
the essence of each soul, of humanity, of embodied divinity.

In Telling Our Stories, the essence of the Tulip Poplar tree
is communicated and experienced. 
Telling Our Stories is a Tulip Poplar transmission
that activates and inspires the earthen expression of
the stories inside you.

The trees, your heart, all of humanity is whispers:
Tell our stories.

tulip poplar leaf backlit.jpg

Telling Our Stories  unfolds over 6 weeks and is experienced through

12 Tulip Poplar themes:

Beginning Sunday, April 14th  

1:   Blessing  
2:   Other Ways of Knowing
3:   Open Heart, Open Hands
4:   Becoming Blue Heron
5:   Let There Be  
6:   Tend the Cauldron
7:   Instruments of Incarnation
8:   Naked Authenticity
9:   Glimpses of Gold
10:  Keep Shining
11:  Copycats & Counterfeits
12:  Benediction

Live sessions will be held on
Sundays 6-8pm EST via virtual link
April 14, 21, 28 & May 5, 12, 19

( sessions will be recorded )

Audio recordings & exercises are sent via email each Tuesday: April 16, 23, 30 & May 8, 14, 21

Telling Our Stories is a Tulip Poplar Transmission.

*6 immersive weeks

*6+ illuminating audio recordings
accompanied by creative exercises inspired

by the Tulip Poplar tree and its verdant allies

*6+ exclusive Tulip Poplar channeled messages

*4 Tulip Poplar meditations

*4 recorded L
ive Sessions w/ Amanda Nicole

filled with Tulip Poplar medicine, songs, poetry,

and plant communication

These elements weave together to create
Telling Our Stories.


It's time to tell the stories inside you.

Exchange is also available in
two payments of $333 with the final part
paid by April 13th.

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