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personal oracle card readings

Rooted in Earth ~ Connected to Spirit

Would you like me to listen?

I love to close my eyes, open my Heart, and Listen. 
What does my Heart want to say?  What words will Spirit speak? 

What message is there for me . . . or for Another?

Sometimes, it is difficult to Listen for ourselves. 
Our Hearts are too tender.  The Question is too close.  The World is too noisy. When my heart, the question, and the world have felt so,
Another has Listened for me. 

I would love to Listen for you.

Receive a personal oracle card reading

You will receive an email with simple instructions on how to send me a question, phrase, or name to hold in my heart as I Listen for you.  You may request a particular deck for me to use (see below), or I can see which deck calls to me.  Once I have completed your reading, I will send you an email with an audio recording of your reading accompanied with pictures of the cards.
Thank you for asking me to Listen.  

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