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Jesus & Mary Magdalene

so this is how love feels

i am my beloved's and my beloved is mine

These words and images were given to me on a warm, spring afternoon as I sat by a waterfall, dipping my feet in the cool pool fed by the falling waters.  Without warning, they came, and I could do nothing but pick up my notebook and pen and begin recording the images and impressions that came. I could feel and see everything, and the atmosphere was soft and full and sweet.  My heart smiled.

So, I offer these words to you now. They were not meant for me alone. 
There is a story wanting to be told.

The offering is divided into two parts.  After enjoying Part I, simply scroll down to begin Part 2.  Beneath both are a few, simple poems.  More to come . . .

May Divine Love bless these words and the reading of them.


Part One

Part Two

{ to the magdalene }
oh! to be as close to him as you were




to think of him loving
and being loved
only makes me love him more





this telling of only
half the story
the part that suits you
makes you shine
it's a way of telling stories
that's been around a long time

~ amanda nicole ~
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