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an exploration in plant communication

creating a beautiful ecology through conscious communing

Saturday, February 17, 2024
6-8 pm EST


together, we will leave the books behind and simply
let ourselves listen to the voice of the plants .

there is another way of knowing.
what do the plants have to teach us?

your heart desires to commune more intimately with the world.
let it.

SEED is an exploration in plant communication.

The non-human world is conscious, sentient, creative, and wise.
In returning to communion with our fellow nature beings, we bring the world into balance
by creating a Beautiful Ecology.

Amanda Nicole will be your human guide as we come together to listen and commune
with the plants.
What questions will we bring? What wisdom will they share?
What ways of the heart will be remembered and restored?
What beauty will we create in our listening?



rainbow light shining through a tulip poplar leaf.jpg

come listen with me
participate in a beautiful ecology

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