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1:1 Self-Directed, Heart-Centered, Plant-Led Exploration
Choose your path.The way belongs to you.

artwork is a collaboration of Amanda Nicole & AI

what would happen if you wandered into the wild unknown,
letting your heart & the plants lead you to a place
of undiscovered beauty, medicine, & magic?

would you like to find out?

what if you leave the books behind and simply let yourself listen
to the voice of the plants ?

there is another way of knowing.

create your own path. follow your own heart's leading.
let yourself sink into listening.

your heart desires to know the plants in a more intimate way. let it.

you are invited to experience WANDER, a self-directed exploration
of a new way of being with the plants --
a way of surrender and flow, a way of intimacy & knowing,
a creative, intuitive way of connecting .

bring the desires of your heart. 
what do you wish to know?  hope to experience?
now, listen . . .
WANDER may be experienced as a 4 session immersion.

Amanda Nicole will be your weekly human guide along this plant-led, heart-centered journey
of listening to and communing with the plants. Along the way, she will hold space,
facilitate connection, offer direction,
and be present to listen during your sessions as you create your unique plant medicine path.



_tulip poplar rainbow forest midjourney.png

come wander with me


the WANDER immersion sessions are given freely without a money-gate between You and Medicine. 
you are welcome to give, if you choose, but you are also welcome simply to receive.  it feels good to receive.
i would highly recommend it.
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