Plant Spirit Medicine

1:1 Virtual Residency

You’re not looking for another herbal class or apprenticeship.

You’re looking for something that

inspires you,

takes you deeper,

makes room for personal exploration,

and intimately enhances your personal experience
not only with the plants but also with your Self.


An idea, image, plant, message, or perspective has captured your heart --
asked for your attention, and your answer is yes


It's time for a more intimate relationship -- 
a one-on-one, just-for-you approach.


You are invited to begin

Plant Medicine Virtual Residency

*  6 month heart-led personal exploration with the plants
*  1:1 monthly guidance sessions with Amanda 
*  Monthly Connection Sessions with Fellow Residents & Amanda
*  Guidance in Gathering Resources

*Access to Alchemilla's online classes (past and present) during residency

*  Certificate of Completion

Spaces are available.
To inquire, email Amanda at

The way forward belongs to you.


The possibilities are endless.
The door is open.

Are there struggles, traumas, memories?
Do you feel called to write?  to sing?  to teach?
Is a place speaking to you? 
Are your relationships changing? Are you?
In your deepest heart, do you feel a change coming?
Is there a threshold to cross?
Do you see that plant everywhere you go?
Will the idea simply not let you be?

Is your heart full of questions?
Do you wonder what's waiting for you under the surface?
Do you long for inspiration? 
Are you looking for direction?
Is the call of your heart asking you to go deeper into the woods?

Spaces are available in the Plant Medicine 1:1 Virtual Residency.
To inquire, email Amanda at

Exchange // $444 - $1111
payment plans possible