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Plant Medicine 1:1 Virtual Residency

You’re not looking for another herbal class or apprenticeship.

It's time for a more intimate approach.

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*  6 month Heart-Centered  Personal Exploration with the Plants
*  1:1 Monthly Guidance Sessions with Amanda 
*  Creative Space Making with the Plants
* Personal Messages for You from the Plants
* Soul-True Discoveries & Inspiration 
*  Deeper Connection with the Plants

*  Certificate of Completion

To inquire, email Amanda at

Plant Medicine Virtual Residency

be inspired
go deeper
take a different path
make room for personal exploration
personalize your experience
connect with your soul's medicine




The way forward belongs to you.

Blooming tulip tree in spring.jpg

Sliding Scale
Virtual Residency

Full Exchange
Virtual Residency

To inquire, email Amanda at