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the plant and animal medicine of the tulip poplar tree

Tulip Poplar 

The Tulip Poplar tree is the Tree of My Heart. 
The first tree to speak to me, Tulip Poplar has been a close companion, trusted friend, 
and wise counselor.

A tree of the Light, of Angels, and of Song,
Tulip Poplar has taught me how to heal and tend not only my wounded heart

but my forgotten soul, all while tuning my ears to the voice of Spirit. 

Where would I be without the Tulip Poplar tree?

{ a poem }

my conversations with tulip poplar
have done more for my heart
than any sermon ever did

why didn't you just let me sit with trees?

Tulip Poplar has been tending my heart and telling me their stories

for a long time. 

I cannot wait to share this Medicine with you.

tulip poplar (2).png
a self-paced immersion

the plant and animal medicine of the 

Tulip Poplar Medicine

A conduit of Spirit, the Gentle Tulip Poplar is allied with a multitude of Animal Guides. This coming together of the plant and animal medicine makes the Tulip Poplar tree a timeless, multi-faceted medicine for the heart, womb, voice, spirit, and more.  

Dove, Dragon, Fox, Ant, and Heron
are your guides on this magical medicine journey

into the golden heart of the Tulip Poplar tree.

* 7+ Hours of Classes with Amanda & Casey
*  Journal Prompts & Exercises for Going Deeper
* Poetry and Song
* Guided Meditations

you will gather the tools, knowledge, and confidence to begin incorporating
the deep and diverse Plant & Animal teachings and medicine of Tulip Poplar.

Come with me and be a Tulip Poplar tree!

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