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the plant and animal medicine of the tulip poplar tree

Tulip Poplar 

The Tulip Poplar tree is the Tree of My Heart. 
The first tree to speak to me, Tulip Poplar has been a constant companion and friend, 
even counselor, through some of my darkest hours and brightest days.

A tree of the Light, of Angels, and of Song,
they have taught me how to heal and tend my precious, wounded heart,
hear (and trust) the voice of Spirit, and stand tall and straight and sure like they do. 
And this, friends, is only the beginning. 

Where would I be without the Tulip Poplar tree?

{ a poem }

my conversations with tulip poplar
have done more for my heart
than any sermon ever did

why didn't you just let me sit with trees?

If you can feel and hear my heart, then you must know that I'm delighted to be offering a deep, rich course on the medicine of my dear friend, Tulip Poplar.  

This course has been a long time in coming. 

Tulip Poplar has been tending my heart and telling me their stories for a lifetime.

I cannot wait to share this Medicine with you.

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Join us for a free in-depth class on July 15, 2020 

Join me and my beautiful friend and fellow medicine woman, Casey Certain of Inner Certainty Healing Arts, as we share the Spear Medicine of Tulip Poplar and Blue Heron.  We will present the medicine of these powerful Allies
during a free 2 hour interactive class on
July 15th from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, EST.

The healing process begins when the Divine is able to enter in. 
Come and explore the alliance between Tulip Poplar and Heron for this piercing, healing work.

Lean into the knowledge that this Piercing Medicine
doesn't always occur when we want or expect it to,
but Tulip Poplar and Heron are present and ready to be
our capable, devoted guides.

This free medicine offering is a preview of our upcoming
12-week immersion into the medicine of
Tulip Poplar and her Animal Allies. 

Registration for the 12-week immersion will open on July 15th.

now about the 12-week immersion

the plant and animal medicine of the tulip poplar tree

Tulip Poplar Medicine

Gentle Tulip Poplar is a tree rich in medicine and allied with a multitude of Animal Guides. Join Casey and I as we journey into the rainbow world of Tulip Poplar and her animal allies.

Wednesdays ~ August 19th- October 28th
7-9 EST

Dove, Dragon, Fox, Ant, Heron, and the Wild Mustang
will be our guides
on this magical medicine journey.

Through live classes, discussion forums, journal prompts,
and hands-on exercises,
you will gather the tools, knowledge, and confidence to begin incorporating
the deep and diverse Plant & Animal teachings and medicine of Tulip Poplar.

Come with me and be a Tulip Poplar tree!

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Weeds are flowers, too once you get to know them.  ~A. A. Milne

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