Plant Teachings on Sacred Touch & Divine Love

This class is brought to you by Nettles. 

Every word is a gift from Nettles to you -- as every word has been a gift from Nettles to me.

Some time ago, I offered a nettles tincture to a circle of students, asking them to close their eyes and simply listen to the medicine Nettles desired to share with them. 

Where did they feel Nettles in their body? 
What song did they hear? 
What memory surfaced? 
What images played before their eyes? 
What emotions stirred inside them?

As I offered the bottle to the first student, I felt delighted with the possibility of the students experiencing a yet unknown aspect of Nettles, and I held in my own heart the teachings Nettles had begun sharing with me.


When Nettles had made its way around the circle and the bottle was returned to my hands, I closed my eyes and placed a few drops under my tongue, and at that moment, I felt Nettles surround me and say again and again, Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you. 

Nettles placed a mantle of her leaves over my shoulders and gave me this class:

the name, the concept, and even the plants with which to collaborate.

It was then that I bowed my head and said again and again, Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

And so, here it is:  the class that Nettles gave.

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The Intimate Medicine of Five Sensual Plants
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3 guided mediations
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