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You Are Carried

You Are Carried Tulip Poplar: A Channeled Message 1.26.2023 Tulip Poplar holds the Medicine of the Blue Heron: She Who Knows How to Stand Alone. Standing alone gets lonely. Warning: Being strong and standing tall can lead to daydreams of being carried. The flight of the Blue Heron is effortless. She lifts herself into the sky with so much Grace -- silent, effortless Grace. She captivates me. When she flies, I stop driving, interrupt the conversation, and begin gushing with the delight of witnessing her: Look at her! Isn’t she beautiful? She’s so beautiful! Oh, look at her! Maybe someday I’ll embody her grace. Until then, I hope she carries me. Tulip Poplar whispered: You have always been carried. We love You. We never put You down -- Not even for a second. It has been so easy to carry You. We love it. We love carrying You.

To Yourself, You feel heavy. You feel burdensome. But to Us, You are light as a feather. Carrying You is effortless. Carrying You is a Joy.


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