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You Are a Living Soul

A Channelled Message from Tulip Poplar 1.18.2023 Liberty, South Carolina But first: I love you Becoming is a process. Do not rush it. You have time. There is always time. Dear Humans, so bound by time — this concept of Your creation — expand Your consciousness, liberate Your awareness, and see that You are an Eternal Being. What You hope to do, become, experience, see: If not in this life, then in the next one. You are a soul on a soul journey.

You become over eons (that’s what You call them) not over years (again: Your words, not Ours). The truth is: You are not bound by time. That is the making of your own mind. Free your mind. See Yourself on a soul journey. And now You must know: We do not mean what You mean by that word. Your words are Your own. To You, every journey has a destination. We use it simply to describe movement along a path — a non-linear path. It is a spiral, a loop. Meander. Explore this. Explore that. Experience this. Experience that. It cannot all fit into one life. Don’t even try. It only frustrates You. Know that You have Forever to experience Everything. You will miss nothing. You will be it All. You want to sing? Sing. You want to love? Love. You want to succeed? Succeed. You want to rest? Rest. You want to be? Be. Whatever You desire (and You desire it All) -- it will be. You are God in Human form -- playing. I know it doesn’t always feel like play. Expand Your definition (Your definitions). Language can be limiting. Drop into your heart space. What do you feel there? What do you see? Everything expanding in all directions — limitless boundless. Exactly (if there is any exacting). Human, You are a Living Soul — Eternal Infinite Always Loved Loving Stardust Starshine Starlight Light Years Light Travel Light Waves Light Light Zero Point Stop . . . Go How do we say it? How do we express limitless things through limiting means? Drop in Rise up Reach out Feel it Feel it


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