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The Softest Strong

Channelled Message from Tulip Poplar

Liberty, South Carolina


The softer your heart, the less vulnerable it is.

The more vulnerable you are, the less vulnerable you become.

Your safety, your protection is in your opening.

Hard things





Hard things need protecting.

When you are softer and softer and softer

and softer and softer and softer,

You cannot break.

You cannot shatter.

You do not crack.

You do not crumble.

You simply receive.

You feel.

You are touched.

You comfort, even carry --

You offer softness.

You soften.

Become softer and softer.

Melt like butter.

Become water.

Water has room.

Water: an ocean of receptivity,

an ocean of holding,

an ocean of receiving and letting go.

Eventually, you will simply leave your broken shells on the shore,

and someone will find them,

and they will be beautiful.

Your softness, your reception makes the world beautiful.

When you are open, you can open wider.

You can expand.

You can hold more and more --

You can hold it All.

There is room for the pain.

There is room to see and understand.

There is room simply to be.

There is room for it to be What It Is.

It is what it is,

and there is room to love that:

To love What Is.

You are the Beginning,

The Womb,

The Without Form and Void.

Nothing can change you,

rearrange you.

Yet, you are always changing,


water, moon


There is power in your vulnerability.

It is The Power.

At your Most Open, you are your Most Strong.

Be your Softest Strong.

(Yes, she got it.)**

Show the world your Softest Strong.

In the face of Pure Openness,

the whole world melts.

The only response is to give way.

All the sharp edges, all the heavy hands dissolve,

and there is One.

You merge.

Open and receive.

At your Most Vulnerable, you are your Most Powerful.


Let it all enter your void, your soft womb,

and transmute.

Imagine the magic of it all falling

right into your alchemical center,

your Moment of Creation.

Pull back the veil, the years, the eons,

and create The Transmutation.

** The “she” spoken of here is one of my friends, clients, students: Paula Zuber. During one of our WANDER sessions together, she offered the phrase Softest Strong as a way she experienced Tulip Poplar. It was (and is) a most perfect and beautiful description of the essence of this tree. It is gentle. It is tender. And yet, there is a core strength to this tree. It cannot be shaken. It knows how to stand alone. It can hold you. It is a beautiful merging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. It is the Softest Strong.


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