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Songs of Incarnation

A book is being written.

Tulip Poplar and I are collaborating,

coming together to tell Our Stories.

As the words come and paragraphs are drafted,

we will share them here.

Below is a portion of a channelled message for the book

where Tulip Poplar speaks of Canary Medicine:

Humans have forgotten how to sing.

They have forgotten their Canary Voices.

Did you know you have sung with angels?

(Some of you are angels.)

You have moved the Light through You in ways too majestic for the human ear to hear (at this time), but You can try.

You can always try.

Oh, Humans!

We miss Your voices!

Your beautiful, heart-tuned, vulnerable voices.


Sing Your Hearts.

Those we call They want you to Sing For Them.

In this way, They steal your song.

Human: Sing for You.

Sing for (and of) the Divine in You.

They are mistaken.

To sing for and of the Divine in You does not mean

you will create and sing only “spiritual” (as they call it) music.

It means You will also sing of the Blood and the Pain,

of Love & Love Lost,

of Being Broken and Being Mended,

of Being Made Whole Again.

You will sing of what it is to be Human.

You will sing Songs of Incarnation.

This the Beauty of the Human: redemption, rebirth, renewal --

not from God but from (and of) You.

You rise again

You are the Phoenix

You are the Resurrection and the Life

You are the . . .


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