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not as planned


i braided my hair

and slipped honeysuckles

between the woven strands

i drove to the top of a mountain

and along the way

i stopped a dozen times

to oohhh and ahhh

at the wildflowers

who lined the way

daisy clover rose rue

and then

i watched a storm roll in

the clouds dark & gray


and nothing like

the sun kisses flower filled day

the wind and rain chased me

into my tent

where i weathered the storm

as water poured in

soaking my hair

and dampening the sheets

i had imagined

i would cozy up under

once the stars came out

they may shine tonight

but i won't see them

they'll be hidden

behind the storm clouds

that keep dropping rain

on my already wet head

and the pages of

my poem filled notebook ( amanda nicole )

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