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i know the words

i promise my heart is with him her you don't have to be so afraid fear seems to filter everything you see hear i've done what you told me to do said you wanted i have read and prayed (most) everyday just like you said i should with true longing in my heart i have sought to know god remember that voice? the still, quiet one? the whisper? i let my soul get quiet and i heard it remember the spirit? the one like fire? like wind? blowing where it will? it came descending like a dove resting in the golden light of a tulip poplar cup spilling over filling me blessing me

with love and benediction words and visions came tongues that sounded like angels remember the new song? i heard it i know the words may i sing it? can you hear it?

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i don't want to be curated compartmentalized i am not one color or place or time of day for me the light is not always just so i am wind blowing where i will and water changing color and current as i

there's a dragon in my heart she inhales fire and exhales song her wings are made of feathers leather and she's as vulnerable as she is strong her heart is my heart and it's golden like the sun she's

my heart has found what she always longer for a connection to Spirit and a key to the fairy door ( did you know they are one and the same? ) ( amanda nicole )

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