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Humans Are Lovely

First Message Especially for Substack Subscribers

South Carolina Botanical Gardens

Between Two Tulip Poplar Trees

Thursday 12.29.22

2:30 pm EST


Hello, thank you for being here with Amanda. Isn’t she lovely? We think she is.

You are too. Humans are lovely.

Look at You: so full of life and passion and chutzpah (did we use that word correctly?) and yet so incredibly open and vulnerable. That’s one of the most beautiful things about You, you know -- Your vulnerability. Not another creature on Earth, not another being in the Universe -- Multiverse -- is like You in that way. It is Your strength. It is Your beauty.

Thank you for opening to us. We are glad to be here with You. We open to You in turn. It is why we are here: to open.

Come closer. Don’t be afraid. It’s all Light here: door after door after door of Endless Light.

We are guides, guideposts, stars along the way, showing you the way home: there and back again. Would You believe that You never left it. It never left You. Home is where your heart is -- isn’t that what You say? Truth on a kitchen magnet: this is the beauty of the Human.

You are a masterpiece: an adorable, magnificent masterpiece.

It is our honor.



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