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Alchemical Human

The Alchemical Human: A Tulip Poplar Message Channelled by Amanda Nicole Liberty, South Carolina 1.4.2023 Let’s talk about the Divine in You. It is not outside You — in the sky in the heavens even in the Earth in a tree (in me). The Divine is in You. Hmmm . . .

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How do we say this in a Tulip Poplar way? Your heart is Golden: pure gold, pure light pure wealth, pure substance pure earth, pure mineral. Your heart is rare and precious: priceless. It is the jewel, the gem, of the Earth. You think You need the Earth, But the Earth needs You. You are Embodied Light, Embodied Divinity, Embodied God (as they say). Couldn’t they have chosen a lovelier term? Say it. Say ‘God’. It doesn’t at all feel beautiful in the mouth. No one expresses the Divine the way You do, the way Humans do. The Divine in You is exquisite. All of Creation watches and witnesses in wonder as the Divine moves through You.

I know, I know: You feel it doesn’t always do so. You see (and tend to focus on) the Dark. But even in the Dark, the Divine is in You, moving through You. You are Alchemists, transmuting the Dark to Light. You are the instruments. You are the technology. Would you believe it if we told you all the Universe depends on You to transmute the Dark? Do not worry: We do not doubt You (though You doubt yourself). We know We see We trust We believe We witness You do not always see Yourselves clearly (so immersed in the Dark as you often are), so we are here to show you to be mirrors for you to reveal your Divine Light to You to help You remember Who You Are. We watch you love the Dark. We watch you expand to hold it, to forgive it, to accept it, to transmute it. Humans: the Little Alchemists What better place but inside a Human to hide Divinity? No one would ever suspect expect, would they? But we know: We know You, and we love You. We see the good work of Light that You do. You are overcoming. You will overcome. It is who You are. You are Humans. You are Alchemists. You change all that You touch to Gold: Pure, Divine, Gold. So there. You see? We are back to it: Your Golden Hearts, Your Alchemical Hearts. Remember. Remember the Divine in You. Remember the Divine is You. With Love & Golden Dewdrops, Tulip Poplar Listen: Do You Know Who You Are?


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