a message from jones gap: only the brave

A message from Jones Gap ~ 3.27.20 Accompanied by a gathering of violets, I sat on a sun-warmed rock in the forest and received this message: The World, Nature, the Earth is calm. Be calm. It is still. Be still. It does what it has always done. Do what you have always done. What is that? It is not Now. It is Then. Garden. Sit in the Sun. Walk with bare feet. Rest. Doze. Daydream. Do nothing. This is what you were made to do. It is all here for you to enjoy to commune with to be one with. It was always meant for relationship - for Love. Food will come. Shelter will come. Clothes will come. (Who needs them?) All you need is here right here under your feet and all around you. Here, like this, you are safe. It cannot touch you. It does not belong here, cannot come here. Only the brave will venture into the Sun.

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Weeds are flowers, too once you get to know them.  ~A. A. Milne

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