words on faith, religion, spirituality, trauma, love,
healing, flowers, trees, and finding what was never truly lost 

{ amanda nicole }
jesus loves me.png
I asked my heart, What would make you ha
you land will be as soft.png

the heart needs no convincing

{ amanda nicole }
jesus would never talk.png
the line of men.png
the world is too beautiful.png

religious masks

the damnedest things

{ amanda nicole }
star suit.jpg
whatever will they think of me now.png
stop crying.jpg
limit it to a book.png
i go to the trees.png
voice beyond.jpg

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{ a morning prayer }

dear divine

dream through me

{ amanda nicole }
ear over your heart.jpg
the original magician.png
you taught me to sing.png
the little bluebird flew.jpg
i grew.jpg
tinkling cymbal.png

god is a disco ball

{ amanda nicole }

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kiss his feet.png
and you call me a witch.jpg
to the magdalene.jpg

the blow meant to silence me

broke my voice box wide open

{ amanda nicole }
every bush is burning.png
god in a box.png

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a pink line.png
golden bowls and drink.png
womb and wound.jpg

maybe i'm an angel

maybe you are too

{ amanda nicole }

they're so determined to silence you 
you must have something to say