Plant Medicine & Sexual Trauma

{ every plant is a process, a story, an image }
Matthew Wood

May you be healed.  May your heart comforted and loved.
May your soul find all its pieces, and in their coming together, may you be made whole again--and anew.  In dying, may you live.  Along the way, may you never be alone, but always held by gentle hands
and strong embraces. 
In Dark, may you see Light.  And may you find your way home.

Flowers for a Girl by Amanda 

Listen to the medicine of the Whispers: Plant Spirit Medicine podcast.

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When you remember, when you begin to speak the Truth --
they will not believe you.  So, listen.  You must be brave.
Open your mouth; speak the Truth.

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Gather more Medicine. 
Purchase your copy of Flowers for a Girl.


This is the story of my pain, my path, my healing, and my medicine.  And I offer it to you.

May the Medicine be blessed.

With Love,

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Weeds are flowers, too once you get to know them.  ~A. A. Milne

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