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a Heart- Centered, Spirit-Sourced Mentorship for Mothers

You are not alone.

Motherhood has nearly broken me while bringing me some of my deepest joys, loveliest moments, and truest loves.  It has made me who I am.  I'm sure you understand -- or soon will. 

The moment I became a mother, everything changed -- including myself, and no one told me it would be so.  Or if they did, I didn't hear or understand their words.  And truly, how could I have understood?

  The journey of motherhood must be lived to be believed.

And this unbelievable journey is best lived with kind, loving, strong companions by your side.  People often make wonderful fellow travelers.
The plants always do.

If you like, the plants and I will walk awhile with you.


The Mentorship includes:

*  Monthly one-on-one 1 hour guidance sessions

*  Chosen-Just-for-You Plant Allies 

*  Connection with Animal Allies for Mothers

*  Herbal Offerings, Rituals, & Recipes for Self-Care

*  Access to the Swan Dive Immersion ($349 value)

*  A Mother's Materia Medica

*  Monthly Group Calls & Classes w/ Mother-Kin

*  Herbal Remedies for the Little Ones

*  Resources for Complimentary Modalities
(included in the mentorship)

and more . . .

So many moments along the way, I would have given anything (anything!) for a kind word, listening ear, strong shoulder, helping hand, safe place, and a gentle heart. (It sounds like a lot to ask for, I know, but friends, these things are essential to a mother's well-being. ) Truly, my heart broke and yearned and longed for comfort, wisdom, rest, and companionship. 

Motherhood can be lonely especially in our disconnected world.  

And so, I went to the plants, or rather, they came to me.

I never thought I would have children, and yet, I was given six, precious, living children to enjoy and love and seven miscarried babies to tend and hold in my heart.  My mother-heart (and hands) are very, very full.

My little ones came into this world in many ways -- traumatic births, song-sweet births, hospital births, and home births. I have mothered with the love and support of my own mother; I have mothered without it.  I have mothered with the presence and loving support of a partner, and I have mothered without it.

There were seasons when my mind and eyes were never clearer, and there was a season of profound darkness occasioned by postpartum depression.  In between, there were seasons of a thousand in-betweens.

I have homeschooled.  I have carpooled.  Scrumptious meals with local ingredients have graced our table -- so have take-out boxes.  My children have been well, and my children have needed prayers and constant care.

There have been moments of such peace and love, but also moments where my heart has broken into a thousand pieces and I've asked as many questions. I have felt heart-aching love and encountered my deepest, darkest mother-fears. I lost myself somewhere in the midst of it all, and then found myself again.

What I want you to know is that my mothering experience has been full and varied, and I truly believe there is something -- somethings -- in my medicine basket just for you, and I would love to place them in your hands.

Connection ~ Acceptance ~ Experience 

Heart Medicine ~ Plant Medicine ~ Spirit Medicine

Mother Medicine

6 Month Mentorship

one-time purchase


6 Month Mentorship

three payments


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thru 11/29/2020

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Weeds are flowers, too once you get to know them.  ~A. A. Milne

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