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Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism

Matthew Wood was one of my first herbal teachers, and his person and plant offerings are dear to my heart. Through the medicine of the Bear and of Lady's Slipper,
he helped me walk my path and become who I am. 

Matt's heart is kind and generous. He shares the Medicine of Plants, Animals, and Spirit
with open hands and an open heart. 

I am so deeply honored and grateful to be a part of his Institute of Herbalism.  


Upcoming Classes

Animal Medicine:  3-Day Online Retreat

September 25-27th, 2020

Without question, I love the plants, but coming to know and understand the corresponding animal allies & animal medicine of each plant and the animal medicine has opened my eyes to whole other world of wonder and healing. 
To know the plants, we must know the animals.  Everything is connected to everything else. 
We are part of a beautifully woven web.

The plant & animal wisdom offered during this 3-day retreat will transform how you see plants, animals -- the World. 
So, join us:  the content is deep and rich, the teachers are generous, and the price is unbelievable! 

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