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a divinely human intimate transmission
  be seen - be heard- be held 
as you become a fuller expression of You

you are not meant to do this alone
even if you can
even if you are

you are meant to be seen
to be heard
to be held
fully supported
and fully loved

you are meant to come undone
and then become
cradled in a container of
Loving Presence

lean in, let go, exhale
and allow yourself to be held

now is the time 
of Your Becoming

rainbow feather midjourney tulip poplar (1).png

PRESENCE is an intimate 1:1 plant spirit medicine immersion.

Amanda Nicole, a human tulip poplar cup, 
holds You as you step fully into your own Light.

Inside PRESENCE, Amanda is your heart-centered companion who 

listens, reflects, and translates as the divine wisdom of the plants
moves through her.

She bears witness to the beauty of your becoming, holding alchemical space

as your soul more fully incarnates into this time and space. 

PRESENCE is experienced within the space of 3 to 12 months, depending on

the length of time you desire support.

Session frequency is determined by your flow and preference with an invitation to experience weekly sessions.


the light is changing
and so are you

{ amanda nicole }

_tulip poplar rainbow forest midjourney.png

be held in the PRESENCE

we were never meant 
to be alone

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