The School of Embodied Herbalism's



an online course for
 Meeting the Plants, Rooting into the Earth,
and Connecting to Spirit

My heart is always longing for Eden.
( Is yours? )

I must return to the Garden.

My deepest soul knows the world is full of beauty, wonder, magic, medicine, connection, and love.

The fairy tales are true.

But sometimes, I forget.
( Do you? )

So, the plants come and remind me.  The flowing waters whisper memories in my ear. Mountains stand as ancient witnesses, and the wind breathes a forgotten story for my heart to hear.


Come listen with me.  Let's remember together.


Every mountain, river, rock, and tree is expectantly awaiting your return.


So, let's return to the Garden together.

Become a part of the 
2021 Embodied Apprenticeship.

Come and experience the Medicine, Connection, and Magic of Leaves, Blooms, Roots, Earth, Water,  Sky & Spirit.
Come and experience the World as it is -- in all its Beauty & Wonder.


Herbal Folklore and Tradition

Ancient Ways of Connecting
Engaging with Elementals

Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Communication

Herbal Garden Design

Simple Medicine Making

Enjoying Fairy Tales

Gathering & Offering Medicine


Learning to Listen
Exploring Ritual & Ceremony
Dieting Plants
Gathering Wisdom of Herbal Elders
Communing with the Plants
Creative Arts and Song
Growing & Gathering Medicine
Holding Sacred Space

Heart-Centered Learning
Nourishing Connection
Beautiful Books & Sweet Poetry

Class Structure and Style

The Embodied Apprenticeship is a 8-month, plant-filled, Spirit-led immersion meant to foster connection with Earth & Spirit. Ancient ways and contemporary knowledge come together to nurture our connection to ourselves, each other, Earth, and the Divine.


  We gather twice a month, holding sacred space in an online classroom, enjoying  Earth-Spirit-Medicine-Magic. Information is presented with the intent to inspire the imagination, touch the heart, and facilitate a connection with Spirit.  Heart-felt interaction and discussion is encouraged.  However, simply being and listening is welcome and given loving space.  (I enjoy being quiet sometimes, too.) 
There is room for everyone. 

The knowledge and experience gathered will nourish your spirit and heart while enabling you to open your hands in medicine offering to others.

Some special class topics will include:  Plant Communication, Plants for Transition,

In the Beginning: Water, and more. 

If you're curious, imaginative, long for beauty, seek Spirit, touch the Earth, endeavor to keep an open heart and open mind, and enjoy connecting with beautiful souls (or if all of that simply sounds incredibly lovely), then come. 

If you've fallen in love with the Divine and the make-my-heart-ache wonder that is all around us (or want to). then join the Embodied Apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship Bonuses:

Access to the Swan Dive Immersion

20% Student Discount on Plant Medicine Consultations

Signed Copy of Flowers for a Girl: Plant Medicine & Sexual Trauma


Gifts Given

14+ class sessions
20+ hours of in-class instruction
 an abundance of plant allies
community & collaboration
creative inspiration & opportunities
resource library
countless hours of gathering medicine, connecting with plants, waking up,
& walking your pa

Dates & Time

Thursday evenings 6:30-8pm EST
February 18, 2021
We'll gather every other week through September 2021 to share and gather green medicine.


Offered on a Sliding Scale
$111 - $1111
When you purchase the
Embodied Apprenticeship, you may enter your chosen amount.
You are welcome to send a note if you have any questions about what is possible.

Did the shoe fit?  Is it happening?  Will you be Returning & Remembering? Wonderful! 
Send me a note and say hello! 
I'd love to begin connecting with you.

"Amanda’s lessons taught us to quiet the busy internal voices that manage our hectic lives. She created space for us to slow down, look inward, and give voice to our deep intuition. Somehow, deep inside us, we know, or at least can learn, how the plants are able to help us heal."


- Penny C.