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beautiful plant medicine for a changing world

the entire world is shifting
we are moving into a new paradigm
and the plants know the way

new messages & new medicines
long hidden, lovingly held
are ready to be revealed
in This Moment

the time is now to open our hearts
to the whispers & songs of the plants
and receive the keys & codes
for a new humanity

the time is now to embody the medicine
to become fully human
to become one & merge
with the petals, the seeds, the leaves, & the trees


Every mountain, river, rock, and tree   
expectantly awaits your incarnation


the world is not what it was
we are not who we were
there is no returning to the Time Before
but we can merge & blend & weave 
What Was with What Will Be

with the plants as your guides
enter into the full expression of your divine humanity
be a part of the 

Embodied Apprenticeship

connection, magic, beauty, & wonder are waiting for you

_tulip poplar rainbow forest midjourney.png

Touch the Earth. Sing with the Trees.
Embody the Medicine. Incarnate Now.

The Embodied Apprenticeship is an Invitation to:

listen to the water & trees
trust your inner knowing
explore personal rituals & ceremonies
grow & gather medicine
gather the wisdom of herbal elders
commune & communicate with the plants
experience the medicine of song
sink into the sacred space of your every day
let your heart lead
nourish connection
creatively collaborate with the plants

return to ancient ways of knowing
engage with the elementals

become a tree

find your medicine

return to fairy tales
expand into a fuller expression of YOU

Remember You are a Sacred Medicine Basket

_tulip poplar rainbow forest midjourney.png
The Embodied  Apprenticeship meets live online  every other Saturday from 6-8pm EST
beginning October 29, 2022 through April 2023.
Sessions are recorded and available for viewing.

Embody the Medicine

Receive messages, keys, codes, & transmissions from Rose, Violet, Chicory, Cleavers,
Tulip Poplar, Blue Vervain, Dandelion, Lady's Slipper,
Rabbit Tobacco, Ghost Pipe, Mullein, Nettles, American Holly, Chamomile, Black Cohosh, Plantain, White Pine, Blueberry, Hawthorne,
and many more plant companions. 


"Amanda’s lessons taught us to quiet the busy internal voices that manage our hectic lives. She created space for us to slow down, look inward, and give voice to our deep intuition. Somehow, deep inside us, we know, or at least can learn, how the plants are able to help us heal."


- Penny C.

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