The School of Embodied Herbalism's



an online course for
 Meeting the Plants, Rooting into the Earth,
and Connecting to Spirit

Plants have been our companions since the Beginning ~

Since the Garden.

Created for beauty, shade, shelter, and food,
they hold Medicine and Magic and have the ability
 to touch not only our physical bodies but also our spiritual bodies. 


And they long to do so, and call to us, 
Come and See.


There is nothing to do but
Pass through the Veil and Surrender.
On the Other Side, the Green World awaits  with hands full of
Welcome and Wonder.

Are you ready to cross over, 
walk The Path and merge with the Green?

Then join the
2020 Embodied Apprenticeship.

Walk the Green Path.
It has been walked since the Beginning. 
Your Ancestors are calling,
The Plants are calling. 

Come and learn the Medicine.

Areas of Study:
Ways of Learning and Connecting:

The History of Herbalism

Herbal Folklore and Tradition

Ancient Ways of Connecting

Basic Anatomy & Physiology

Basic Botany and Plant Identification

The World of Elementals

Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Communication

The Herbal Garden

Basic Medicine Making

Herbal Actions and Constituents

Simple Formulation

Creating a Protocol

Dieting Plants
Guided Meditations
Gleaning Wisdom from Herbal Elders
Communing with the Plants
Creative Arts and Song

Course Requirements

Your Path is your own.  I am simply a companion along the way, holding space and offering gifts.  I trust your knowing of what you need to continue your journey.
If full immersion is what your path requires, then you will receive a lovely (and well-deserved) Certificate of Completion, when you:


  • Present a Final Project

  • Complete Reading and Journaling Assignments

  • Attend at least 19 of the 22 class sessions

Class Structure and Style

The Embodied Apprenticeship is a 10-month, plant-filled immersion where ancient ways and contemporary knowledge come together to nurture your connection with the plants.  Using an online classroom, we gather for class twice a month, meeting for 1.5 hours each time. Information is presented with the intent to inspire, and heart-felt interaction and discussion is encouraged. 

However, simply being and listening is welcome and given loving space.
(I, too, enjoy quiet sometimes.)  There is room for everyone. 

The knowledge and experience gathered will fill your mind, strengthen your heart, and open your hands so you may offer plant medicine to yourself, your family, and your community.

This course and its format merge best with those who are curious, have open-hearts and minds, and are self-motivated. 
If you've fallen in love with the plants, then join the 
Embodied Apprenticeship.

The Numbers

22 class sessions
33 hours of in-class instruction
44+ plants

countless hours of gathering medicine, connecting with plants, and
walking your path

Class Dates

Mondays 6:30-8pm EST
Begins March 9th 2020 and
end January 4th 2021,
meeting every other week 


Early Bird by
January 21st 2020
$1149 if paid in full

Embodied Apprenticeship Tuition
Payment Plans
Three Payments $480 (for $1440)
Five Payments:  $288 (for $1440)


Early Bird Pricing! 

through January 21.2020

More payment options:

A limited amount of scholarships are available.  Please contact me if these payments options are truly difficult for you, and we will see how we can work together.

"Amanda’s lessons taught us to quiet the busy internal voices that manage our hectic lives. She created space for us to slow down, look inward, and give voice to our deep intuition. Somehow, deep inside us, we know, or at least can learn, how the plants are able to help us heal."


- Penny C.

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Weeds are flowers, too once you get to know them.  ~A. A. Milne

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