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Plant Medicine for Humans

* This is not an herbal course. This is a soul mission.
* Upon completing this course, you will not be an herbalist. Instead, you will be more fully , beautifully, magically You.

you are not here to conform
or to do what’s been done before

you are not here for bold faced terms
and right answers

you are not here to collect
certificates of completion

you are here to ask new questions
to create new answers
to imagine a completely new world

you are here to do and be
Something Never -Before -Seen New:
to fully embody & express the divine essence
that is YOU

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something new begins on the Lion's Gate


your voice is here to sing new songs
your hands are here to pen new poems
your body is here to discover new ways
more ways
of taking up space

your heart is here to Love Everything

you are here to usher in the New Earth
to create it
to embody it
to dream it into being

and the plants are here to support you
in remembering who you are
where you came from

and why you're here

conscious beings
they carry soul codes for the new earth

EDEN is a 6-week Plant Medicine Immersion that fills your body-basket with medicine messages and soul codes for the Unveiling of You and the Creation of Something Beautifully New.

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you are not here for the End of It All
you are here for 

the Beginning of Everything


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