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Cotton Medicine

a medicine of song, spirit, survival & freedom

I didn't go lookin' for her.  She simply came to me as a woman with prayer-leaves in her heart, tear-streams on her cheeks, a blood-red river runnin' down her dress, and moth wings on her shoulders. 
She was shaped by an embodied angel's hands and sent to me, accompanied by precious treasures --
an essence, a feather, a medicine, and a boll of cloud filled with seeds.
She was so beautiful and sacred -- I wasn't sure how to touch her.

In time, we met in a field, and then she took root just outside my door. She grew and flowered, and we sat together for hours as I asked questions and she gave answers. 

Here, I offer her words as she gave them to me. I've done my best not to translate or give commentary, but simply offer the Medicine as she gave it. It's difficult to capture her voice --
her tone and way of speaking. It's difficult to capture her essence and beauty and personality,
but I must try.  She wants to be known, and so, I am willing to make the sacrifice of something being lost so that much more can be gained.

She is beautiful in spirit -- full of joy but also wisdom.
Receive her as she came and as she gave and as she is given --
full of compassion and overflowing with prayers and good wishes.


cotton 2.jpg

these are the words cotton gave me

i am no actress -- just a listener and a messenger. 
so, i did my best for her and for you. 
thanks so much for being gracious in your listening.

cotton poems for you

cotton said,
i'll teach you to leave
but she's teaching everyone
but me
don't you run, baby!
don't you run!
she pleads
eyes wild forehead
sprinkled with beads
put it on, girl!
put that red lipstick
on your lips
and go ahead
and move your hips
that's it
mmm hmm
just keep lookin' pretty
and walkin' sweet

'til it's time to run
i carry all my daughters
gather them up
in my snow white hair
and carry them 
to where they're goin' next
from here to there
and i don't lose a one
i shore don't
each of my daughters lands

don't think you won't

your landing will be 
as soft as you please
you hear me,
my little cotton seed?

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