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Embodied Herbalism Immersion


Together we will study:

basic anatomy and physiology
 phytochemistry (plant actions and constituents)
 basic botany
 herbal energetics and traditional healing modalities
 basic medicine making

We will dip our toes in the waters of:

land medicine
smoke medicine*
stone medicine
animal medicine
word medicine
plant spirit medicine
sound medicine

We’ll learn through and from:

 words { reading and journaling }
 plant walks
 case study
 local healers

We will observe:

moon phases
 nature rhythms
 plant signatures
 the stars


 Begin to walk the green path and wield the green tongue.
 Gain a deeper knowledge of the land, the plants, and ourselves.
Grow in relationship to the land, the plants, our selves, and our communities.
 Discover our medicine.


immeasurable medicine

9 months || 50+ hours || over 80 plants



March 16th
April 20th
May 18th
June 15rd
July 20th
August 17th
September 21nd
October 26th
November 16th

We meet on Saturdays from 10 to 5.  Lunch will be provided. On-site tent camping is available for those who need it. (Please let me know if you need this provision!)

Are you ready to become medicine?

to enroll

Write a one to two page letter telling me a little about yourself, how you came to the plants, and what you hope to gain from our studies together.  (Don't worry!  There's no wrong answer.) Send your letter to

Once your note is received and read,  you will be sent a letter of welcome and instructions for payment.


Attend 90% of classes
Complete Monthly Readings
Participate in Monthly Green Activities
(such as plant diets and journaling)
Present Final Plant Project 


Paid in Full (20% discount)

Payment Plan: 
$1375 ($75 deposit /  9 payments of $144)

If the cost of the course is a hardship for you, please contact me. 

Limited scholarship/bartering options are available, and I am willing to work with you to find an arrangement that blesses us both.

answer the call
Send me a letter below to start enrollment in this beautiful journey or to submit ANY questions you may have about the course. I look forward to hearing form you!

Thanks for submitting!

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