The Climbing Vines Herb Camp of 2018 was sweet, green magic!  We sang with tulip poplar, were blessed by blueberry, and discovered our true names as we walked the labyrinth.  We wrote a song about our green friends, discovered plant dyes, and made rosemary and lavender medicines.

Do we really have to wait until next summer before we gather again?

2019 Camp Dates will be coming soon!  

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Together, we'll sing songs, weave flower crowns,
dance like daisies, listen to leaves, look closely at flowers,
and taste herb-sprinkled treats. 

Through story, song, craft, and movement, we'll learn the names and ways of the green gifts that are all around us. 
And in the end, we'll see the world with new eyes, listen with new ears, and hold many new green friends close and dear.

And our community's beloved, magical Miss Rebecca, will be joining us for songwriting and singing!

First Child/ $150:
Second Child/ $120:
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Weeds are flowers, too once you get to know them.  ~A. A. Milne

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