An Introduction to Herbalism
Falling in Love One Weed at at Time

6 Sessions  *  18 Hours of Instruction  *  24 Plants

2019 Class Dates
Saturdays, 10 to 2

April 13  
May 11
June 8
August 10
September 19
October 19


The class might better be titled,  An Introduction to the Plants.  Together, we will meet the plants one at time.  A. A. Milne, the creator of the beloved Hundred Acre Wood, once said, “Weeds are flowers too—once you get to know them.”  And truly, it is extraordinary how even simply learning their names {mullein, goldenrod, plantain, cleavers} makes them less despised and more desired.

All around us is a vibrant, green world full of life and healing, and yet, we move through our days, utterly unaware of the particular names, personalities, and gifts of the plants growing all around us.  We are surrounded by green gifts given to strengthen and support both our bodies and our spirits, and yet, for lack of knowledge—of vision--we perish. 

It is time to open our eyes to the beauty and power that surrounds us. 
It is time to return to the enchantment of the Garden:  to sing with blueberry, dive deep with rose, sit with the oak, giggle with goldenrod, and maybe even whisper with ghost pipe.


The world is full of deep, gentle medicine. Together, we will find it.

I invite you to join us as we learn the names, particular personalities, and healing qualities of the plants that grow and bloom under our feet and over our heads. Together, we will get to know—become friends with—plants such as nettles, burdock, cleavers, dandelion, mullein, rose, passionflower, plantain, lemon balm, and many, many more. 

Each class session, we will spend time with three to four plants, learning their signatures, actions, traditional uses, and specific indications.  From time to time, we will taste teas, make tinctures, and gather medicine in our baskets.  When our time together is finished, my hope is that you will see the world through new eyes and have your hands—and gardens—full of good, green gifts

Students' Words and Experiences

The first day of our herbalism class, I had an inspiring sensation that all of the decisions I’ve made and paths I’ve embarked on had ultimately led me to this place and time. The journey has brought nothing but blessings into my life, chief among them being a reunion of sorts with the natural world. Although I know the path will be long and I have much to learn, I cherish having Amanda in my life as a teacher and friend who I can return to for guidance, knowledge, and support. 
~ Mandolin~

Attending this class revives every part of me. Through nature, fellowship, nourishing teas, healing tinctures, and education that opens up my eyes to a brand new world that is literally outside my front door, each Saturday class is stimulating, useful, and healing.
~ Amanda M. ~

Cost:  $295

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Weeds are flowers, too once you get to know them.  ~A. A. Milne

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