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this is the land of the 


I AM the tree, and the tree is me.
artwork is a collaboration of Amanda Nicole & AI
the WANDER & Intuitive Plant Medicine Sessions are given freely without a money-gate between You, the Medicine, and Me.
you are welcome to give, if your heart desires, but you are also welcome simply to receive.  it feels good to receive.
i would highly recommend it.

4 Sessions
1:1 Self-Directed, Heart-Centered, Plant-Led Exploration
Together, in this place, we listen as the plants speak.
Choose your path.The way belongs to you.

come wander with me


artwork is a collaboration of Amanda Nicole & AI
_tulip poplar rainbow forest midjourney.png

Intuitive Plant Attunement Session
Bringing Heaven to Earth || A 1:1 Plant Spirit Transmission

these sessions began as intake forms followed by bags of tea and bottles of tincture.  but over the years, they have become containers for divine transmissions

and intimate, unique plant spirit messages.

the connection, beauty, and medicine experienced and given in these

1:1 sessions with amanda nicole does not exist anywhere else. 

they are the gift of a soul-touching moment.

together, we attune to the frequency of the plants.


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