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artwork is a collaboration of Amanda Nicole & AI

Amanda Nicole is a liriodendress,
a divine daughter of the tulip poplar tree.

An intuitive plant medicine practitioner and divine channel,
she believes Heaven & Earth merge at the heart-center of every human.

With plants in her heart & words on her lips,
Amanda writes, speaks, and sings in service to the Divine,
inspiring individuals to fully embody their divine essence,
access the freedom of their unique self-expression,
and enjoy the miracle of becoming fully human.

Connect with Amanda through classes, 1:1 offerings, the Whispers: Plant Spirit Medicine podcast,
and the Liriodendress on Substack.

"Amanda’s lessons taught us to quiet the busy internal voices that manage our hectic lives. She created space for us to slow down, look inward, and give voice to our deep intuition. Somehow, deep inside us, we know, or at least can learn, how the plants are able to help us heal."


- Penny C.

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